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Quantum Media Systems Cinematic XDR3 LED Video Wall is an Immersive Image Display Technology with Fine-Pitch LED and High-Performance Image Processing producing Sharp Defined Detail, Vibrant Color Spectrum and High Dynamic Range which results in a Wide Contrast Ratio with Deep Blacks and Peak White Levels providing the Ultimate Viewing Experience.


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Quantum Media Systems provides the latest in Multi-Media Products, Design, Engineering & Consulting Services for Custom AV Dealers & System Integrators to help build the Ultimate Entertainment Venue. Our technology professionals will customize each project from the ground up for various applications such as Private Theaters, Screening Rooms, Post Production, Digital Signage, Control Rooms, Higher Education, and Board Rooms.

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H I G H   P E R F O R M A N C E   T E C H N O L O G Y

Quantum Media Systems offers State-Of-The-Art Technology Equipment to provide High-Quality Imagery and Military Grade Construction for Robust and Easy-To-Use Operation. All systems are Custom Engineered for the Entertainment Space & Digital Cinema Application including On-Site Custom Installation, Certified Image Calibration, System Integration and Commissioning.

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X T R E M E   D Y N A M I C   R AN G E

The Cinematic XDR3 LED Video Wall can produce up to 1500 nits of brightness providing the most flexibility on the market to support various formats. The current DCI Standards are SDR 48-nits, EDR 108-nits and HDR 300-nits. There are current developments for producing higher rates of 500-nits, 1000-nits and beyond which this display can only achieve. Consumer content using HDR10 Technology can produce up to 2000-nits.

DCI P3 Color Space - LOGO.png

D I G I T A L   C I N E M A   P 3   C O L O R   S P A C E

The Cinematic XDR3 LED Video Wall can produce 100% Digital Cinema P3 Color Space compared to most other LED walls can only achieve 95%. The display can also achieve 100% REC709 for consumer Standard Dynamic Range and 95% REC2020 for consumer High Dynamic Range providing a full flexibility of media content playback.

HDR10 - LOGO.png

C O N S U M E R   H D R 1 0 +   S U P P O R T

The Cinematic XDR3 LED Video Wall can support HDR10+ for HDMI consumer content providing up to 4000-nits peak brightness, 12-bit color depth and REC2020 color space. The display can also support standard HDR10 that provides up to 2000-nits peak brightness, 10-bit color depth and REC2020 color space.

HDMI 2.0 - LOGO.png

H D M I 2 . 1     4 K 1 2 0 H Z     8 K 6 0 H Z

The Cinematic XDR3 LED Video Wall can support HDMI-2.1 for newly developed content in 4K at 120Hz high frame rate for smooth adaptive motion and 8K at 60Hz for super fine detailed resolution. Another advantage of HDMI-2.1 is the support for VRR Variable Refresh Rate used in gaming providing different frame-rates to switch between standard and fast action scenes for better movement control.

Multi-Image - LOGO.png

M U L T I - I M A G E   P R O C E S S I N G

The Cinematic XDR3 LED Video Wall provides Multi-Image Window Processing with Custom Configurations based on the viewing applications. Image Windows can be sized and positioned on any portion of the LED Wall Screen. All saved preset configurations can easily be selected via the customized automation control system including the audio selection of source.

Installation & Calibration - LOGO.png

I N S T A L L A T I O N   &   C A L I B R A T I O N

Quantum Media Systems provides a Turn-Key Solution including System Design, Consultation, Documentation, Automation Integration Support and Complete On-Site Installation, Chroma Alignment Calibration, Color & Grayscale Calibration, Optimize Each AV Source and System Commissioning to ensure the optimal performance and user friendly experience.


C O N T A C T   I N F O R M A T I O N

10005 Muirlands Blvd., Suite B

Irvine, California 92618

Quantum Media Systems specializes in creating incredible image displays and have significantly contributed to the very early development of 4K, High Dynamic Range, and now 8/16K image enhancement technologies. With over 20 years experience in designing, engineering and facilitating Studio Grade Digital Cinema Technology in Professional Screening Rooms, Commercial Theaters, Super Yacht Salons and Private Residential Environments.

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